Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Extending Innovation: Aculab's Prosody X powers Comsys' new 'MVNO-in-a-Box' solution

I am always pleased to share information about how Aculab's customers are using our enabling technology products for their end users. Comsys, a long standing Aculab customer, has launched its 'MVNO-in-a-Box' solution, which provides all the tools necessary to start an MVNO within a short timeframe.
An MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a company that provides mobile phone service without having its own licensed frequency allocation of radio spectrum and, in some instances, it will not have all of the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service.

Virgin Mobile successfully launched its mobile virtual network in the UK in 1999, reselling capacity from T-Mobile. It now has over 4 million customers. The US has also seen MVNO success from multiple MVNOs. Denmark-based company, Tele2, who uses some of Comsys' products and services for its solutions, has successfully implemented and rolled out its MVNO services in Demark and other European countries.

Today, many mobile providers are focusing on niche markets with fewer subscribers, meaning that they need to ensure a high degree of flexibility whilst retaining a low initial investment. As a result, Comsys has developed the 'MVNO-in-a-Box' product, which contains everything that a company needs to start its own MVNO or MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler). The 'MVNO-in-a-Box' solution offers flexibility, scalability and minimal initial investment. It includes a number of communications services, such as pre-paid and post-paid voice services, data communications, video, provisioning, messaging, voicemail, HLR, CRM tools, and data warehousing.

You can learn more about the Comsys 'MVNO-in-a-Box' solution by visiting and don't forget to visit Aculab's website to find out about the products used in the solution.

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