Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Can gateways be poetical?

Media gateways are useful things. Signalling and media gateways are even more useful, at least according to Wikipedia, which states that "Modern media gateways used with SIP are often stand-alone units with their own call and signalling control integrated and can function as independent, intelligent SIP end-points." They must’ve had GroomerII in mind. Who was it who said, "I learned everything I know from Jimmy Wales," by the way?

So, gateways are intelligent. But they can’t do everything (they don’t have to do everything) and they shouldn’t do everything. We’d have to invent a new label for something that did. In fact, the label ‘gateway’ is sufficiently descriptive not to need much introduction, which is probably why the Wikipedia page is quite short and sweet. If Wee Willie Shakespeare was around today, instead of writing a tribute to the rose, he might well pen the following: "A gateway by another name would still be neat."

Friday, 23 September 2011

Why an IP-centric telephony board is the best choice when building highly scalable or resilient solutions

This is part two of a set of articles describing the benefits of Aculab’s range of IP-centric Prosody X media processing boards for developers of large scale communications platforms.
In part one, it was stated that there are many advantages in having IP at the core of the Prosody X media processing board, not least of which is the high channel counts made possible by such an architecture. But that is just one aspect…

Choosing IP connectivity enables a distributed architecture

In putting IP technology at the heart of the Prosody X design it is much simpler, due to the ubiquity of Ethernet in IT networks, to build multi-board, multi-chassis and multi-location systems using Prosody X. So if the high channel counts of a single Prosody X board are not enough, then it is easy to build multi-board systems.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New high density Prosody X PCIe media processing board hits the sweet spot for developers

Our clever engineers have done it again – you’ve now got an even higher density, media processing board with which to play. The new PCIe board joins the Prosody X family of DSP-based boards that are used extensively in multimodal communications systems.

We could have just taken the existing 4-trunk Prosody X PCIe board and added further trunks and DSPs. Instead we took note of customer feedback and went the extra mile to further improve the original design. 

The result is a board with vastly increased channel capacities, giving our developer customers the components needed to readily craft large scale systems at a very cost-effective price-per-channel. Whilst many DSP boards top out at 240 channels, the new 8-port Prosody X PCIe board can support up to 720 channels.