Monday 10 October 2011

2: Introduction to Cloud Telephony - What is a Cloud Telephony PaaS?

If you are intrigued by Cloud Telephony, you might be asking yourself a number of questions. Those questions are likely to include: “What is meant by a Telephony Platform as a Service (PaaS)?” “Is it for me?” “When and why would I use a Telephony PaaS?” “What are the Telephony PaaS options?” Read on for some answers…

In summary, a PaaS could be a server system or it could be a computer language interpreter that enables bespoke applications to be written and deployed.  The main benefit being that you can access ‘tools’ to help write and deploy an application, based on technology owned and managed by someone else. 

PaaS is different from Software as a Service (SaaS) in that there is no pre-written, configurable application.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fax in The IP World

In these days of twittering tweeps, social media, e-mail and instant gratification, sorry, messaging, the use of fax as a communication medium has greatly reduced. However, there are many businesses out there that still rely on fax. It may be they have not embraced the new technology, it may be that their customers have not made the move. It may be that their business still relies on paper documents and to send a facsimile of the document is the easiest way to share the information. It may be that fax is a legal requirement. Whatever the reason, believe me, a lot of businesses, more than you would credit, still have a fax requirement.