Thursday, 19 April 2012

BeQuick Software Choose Aculab Cloud as their Next Gen IVR partner

This week we are pleased to share the news that BeQuick are using Aculab Cloud to handle volumes of IVR calls. BeQuick Software delivers an innovative hosted BSS/OSS solution called QuickTel designed and developed for the telecommunications industry and specifically for Prepaid, Postpaid and VoIP service providers.

They were looking for a VoIP solution that was reliable, scalable, flexible and quick to market. But above all would provide a cost effective means to supply a scalable IVR solution to allow their MVNOs’ customers to activate their new phones, check their balance and pay bills.

BeQuick needed to move away from its existing cloud-based IVR provider, due to cost and the inflexible nature of the platform. It considered buying software to install in its data centre, however, in the end, it felt that Aculab Cloud would present the quickest route to market and be the more cost-effective option.

David has worked in the telecoms industry for over 20 years, but his team of developers had little experience in developing telephony applications. With Aculab Cloud’s high-level Python programming language, this was not an issue. The team quickly became proficient with the language and was able to develop and test a solution that performed all the tasks it needed, in less than two months.  Furthermore, with Aculab Cloud, it now has the ability to fix most problems on the fly without compromising the whole platform.

Bearing in mind that Aculab Cloud has only just reached GA last month, it is great to be hearing such fantastic feedback from our early adopters. Comments like - “My CTO loves it!” and “A super reliable platform” are just some of the comments we are hearing.  


  1. This is a good move for the BeQuick company. Aculab Cloud is known for its excellent feature in delivering best Iterative Voice Recording services among big companies. I hope that Aculab will continue to develop its passion towards giving excellent services to its clients.

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